Corporate Sponsors

Prodigy Health

Prodigy Health stands with CAPA and believes in the mission to give a voice to those in need. We share the drive that CAPA has to positively influence policy for public authorities, older adults, and people with disabilities in California. With over 130 years of collective experience, Prodigy is ready to support those continued efforts. As a broker consultant, Prodigy supports fully insured and self-insured health plans along with ancillary products. We are committed to providing Californians with in-home supportive services and offer their providers affordable and accessible healthcare.


Homebridge is proud to partner with CAPA to support the CDSS IHSS Career Pathways program.  Since 1985, Homebridge has provided advocacy and services to the IHSS Community, working at the intersection of social services, health care and workforce development to help caregivers and clients live their best lives.

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