State Budget

The complexity of California’s state budget is astonishing. The many competing interests that rely on public funding require CAPA to maintain a strong advocacy presence and political acumen to protect our members’ ability to provide IHSS information and to older adults and people with disabilities, safeguarding their independence, dignity, and quality of life.

Fiscal Year 2020-2021

The California Budget Calendar

April- Department of Finance (DOF) issues technical budget instructions to state departments.

July- DOF issues budget policy letter to state departments

August- DOF issues annual price letter and the Department of General Services issues the Price Book to state Departments


  • Departments submit baseline budgets to the DOF early October
  • Departments submit Budget Change Proposals to the DOF
  • DOF budget staff hold budget meetings and discussion with state departments

October- DOF Program Budget Managers hold budget hearings with departments

November- Director of Finance holds budget hearings with departments


  • Director briefs Governor on updated General Fund revenues and expenditures, and preliminary status of budget for current and budget years.
  • DOF finalizes Governor’s Budget

January- Governor’s Budget and Budget Bill submitted to the legislature by Jan 10


  • DOF provides Budget Trailer Bills to the Legislature.
  • Departments submit non-May Revision Finance Letter requests to DOF
  • Legislative Analyst’s Office (LAO) releases the annual Analysis of the Budget Bill and Perspectives and Issues.
  • DOF budget staff discuss Finance Letter Requests and meet with departments.
  • Legislative Budget Subcommittees hold budget hearings through March


  • DOF holds Finance letter hearings with departments
  • CAPA prepares preliminary estimate for Public Authority Admin and Back Up Provider Funds


  • DOF submits non-May Revision and non-Capital Outlay Finance Letters to the Legislature.
  • DOF budget staff analyze May Revision requests and meet with departments


  • DOF staff, Director of Finance, and Governor hold May revision hearings
  • DOF submits May Revision update of General Fund revenues and expenditures to the Legislature by May 14
  • CAPA prepares revised May Revise estimate for Public Authority Administrative and Back Up Provider Funds


  • Budget Conference Committee meets; Budget Bills sent to Floors.
  • June 15 – Constitutional deadline for Legislature to pass Budget Bill
  • Governor decides Budget Bill vetoes and signs Budget Act & Trailer Bills
  • CAPA prepares final proposed allocation for state administrative funding to CSAC and CWDA


  • State’s fiscal year begins
  • CAPA submits allocation for state administrative funding to CDSS